KSena (kseenaa) wrote in potcawe,

Raise the Colors RP!

Thought I'd pimp the fantastic PotC RP Raise the Colors! :-) It is set after At Worlds End, so if you haven't seen it, I warn for spoilers right away. Also, mods? If this is not allowed, do delete and I humbly apologize.

I am playing Bootstrap Bill in this here game, under a brilliant writer playing the new Captain. But at the moment, we are alone on the Dutchman. We need more crew! Wanna come join us? :-) Or play another role? There are plenty roles available to fill.

(Many of the players are fanfic-writers, unlike I who started as a roleplayer and nothing else. :-P)

To see what roles are available, go to the Character-list to see what characters are taken, held or available. (You can always challange a hold, of course, but taken is taken. :-) )

Found a role you like? Exellent! Then you just need to get an application together. To see what the mods need in an application, check right here!

As always, to keep everything a smooth sail as possible, there are rules. Those you can read right here. They are not that complicated, I promise. ;-)

To see how the storyline is set up so far, check the setup of the storyline here.

To get inspiration and such check out our main community. Or if you just wanna watch and read whats been going on so far, this is our main community site: Raise the Colors! {A pirates of the Caribbean Roleplay}

I am hoping to see some more there! :-D

/KSena, player of Bootstrap Bill.

{Crossposted to: turningpirate, potc_shipper, potc_discussion, davyjonespotc, beforethebeard, arrrrr. I apologize if you see it more then once. Or twice... or thrice... *cough*}
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