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Some advice, please?

I am quite new to this fandom, so I haven't learnt all the ropes just yet. Mods? Forgive me if this is not allowed. Do delete if it isn't. :-)

Thing is, I joined a PotC-RPG on GJ (taking place after AWE). A wonderful one! And I am playing Bootstrap Bill, wish really is a blast (despite the man being quite angsty here and there...). I am the only played crewmember of the Dutchman, under Captain Turner. All good and well. BUT! I know NOTHING about sailing and you know... fighting with ships and... well. Stuff like that. Problem. Is there an good resourse on the net that any of you wonderful people can show me, so I can read up at least a little on... well. Stuff. How it should be. A little. Help!

Also, if anyone else is intrested, the game is called Raise the Colors! and can be found on Greatest Journal. There are quite a few intresting characters left to pick from. Wanna join me on the Dutchman? ;-)

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